VetClassics Protegrity GI 20 Chews


VetClassics Protegrity GI 20 Chews


Probiotic Chews for your Dog or Cat’s GI System

VetClassics Protegrity GI Chews are an easy to administer chew that can help quickly restore balance to your dog’s gut micro-flora. Molecular studies have shown that the microbial population in your dog’s intestine has been estimated to be between 1012 to 1014 organisms; roughly 10 times the number of host cells! These microbes can easily suffer imbalances. The most common causes in dogs are from: stress, antibiotic use, challenged immune system and dietary indiscretions. These events can cause an imbalance in gut flora, allowing bad organisms to proliferate your dog’s GI tract. This leaves fewer good micro-organisms to carry out the normal, beneficial functions, leading to loose stool, lowered immune resistance and general malaise until the balance is effectively restored.

Thankfully, VetClassics Protegrity GI Probiotics for Dogs and Cats is here to help! Featuring a synergistic formula of proven probiotics, prebiotics & antioxidants, this probiotic for dogs and cats is safe, stable, effective, and available in an easy to administer chew. It is the only probiotic supplement that contains the patented, non-GMO Bacillus subtilis PB6 strain.

Your dog’s GI tract plays an important role in his overall health; and supporting it couldn’t be easier thanks to VetClassics Protegrity Probiotic Chews!

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VetClassics Protegrity GI 20 Chews

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