Tray Haven gives caretakers a break from picking things up off the floor and creates a comfortable environment where items remain within reach. Thanks to a protective wing that envelops almost any tray, items stay put and nothing falls away.  Tray Haven’s patented design enables it to fit around wheelchairs and adaptive chairs with trays, as well as highchairs, booster seats and strollers with trays and seat backs. 

Read all instructions first before using.

Use and Disclaimers

Tray Haven is designed to work with most highchairs, booster seats, strollers and wheel chairs that have attachable trays and seat backs.  It is designed to keep food, toys, and objects on trays.

Tray Haven is not a child protective device. Never leave a child unattended in a highchair with or without Tray Haven.

Amigoware, Inc., makers of Tray Haven, does not warrant use of Tray Haven on any apparatuses other than those listed above and does not warrant use if modified in any way.

Setting up Tray Haven

Tray Haven contains memory wire which has a spring function; therefore, use caution when removing the elastic bands around the side panels as the panels will pop open.  Out of its package, Tray Haven will look like this:

Locate the “Orientation: Bottom, Facing Tray” label on the center circle. Standing behind the highchair and holding one of the oval side panels in each hand, place the Tray Haven so that this label sits below the bottom lip of the tray with the label facing the chair.

Pull the side panels firmly toward the back of the chair so the side panels fit snug against the sides of the tray. Tray Haven should mold to the bottom of the tray for a secure fit, as shown in the picture.

The lower portion of the circle and the side panels will actually pinch underneath the tray. Notice how the bottom edge of the Tray Haven is actually underneath the side of the tray.

Snap the bottom straps together and tighten to ensure Tray Haven is taut. Then snap the top straps together and tighten until they are taut.



Try gently pulling the tops of the side panels straight up. If the bottom of the Tray Haven starts to come above the bottom lip of the tray, the straps are not tight enough.

Try gently pushing down on the top middle of the side panels. Tray Haven should bend. If Tray Haven slips down the side of the tray, the straps are not tight enough.

Tray Haven is designed to keep food, toys, and objects on trays. It is not a child protective device. Never leave a child unattended in a highchair with or without Tray Haven!

Cleaning Instructions

There are several ways to clean Tray Haven.  You can use a damp cloth to clean all surfaces or run it under warm or hot water in the sink. Tray Haven is machine washable. Just throw it in the washing machine with your regular load of laundry. You can also fold it and put it on the top rack of your dishwasher.  Tray Haven should be cleaned as much as possible by hand prior to placing in the dishwasher.

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